• Posted on: 19 January 2015
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Concerns all operations in order to restore parts of body to look normal.

How to help when a strong hair loss for a woman 50+ years old?

Firstly, hair loss may be related to gynecological problems, as well as severe stress, renal disease, severe intoxication. Use the appropriate program after diagnosis.

What causes hair loss on the head?

Hair of the head are controlled by chakra muladhara. Responsible for her kidneys and bladder, rectum and genitals. It is necessary to see if there are any problems on gynecology, from the rectum (hemorrhoids, etc.) and the bladder and kidneys. If you have no such problems, then you are putting programs aimed at normalization of the kidney program at the destruction of intestinal parasites on the urogenital abnormalities, pre-make the analysis at the gynecologist or urologist. The poor condition of the hair may be associated with psycho-emotional state: resentment at the close, long-term depression. In this case, the heat can stimulate chakra (vishutha) 2 - 3 days. There may be other reasons and further diagnosis.