• Posted on: 19 January 2015
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The study of allergies and hypersensitivity disorder on immunology system.

Allergies. What is recommeded treatment plan?

The main objective of the treatment of allergic diseases - elimination of toxins from the body. Very often allergy occurs on a background of helminthiasis or dysbiosis or both of them. So first of all one needs to restore the bowels. The pancreas also often guilty of processes dysbiosis and incomplete digestion of food, ie formation of allergens in the body. Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, Deep Cleaning, kidneys and blood circulation - basic cleaning program, with which you want to dump the therapy of allergies. After that exhibit the desired program to allergies.

Spring Allergy Symptoms:

Allergies - is the latest drop in the ocean of toxins that the body is full. Therefore it is necessary to put the following programs: Cleansing the body (complex); Deep cleaning; Circulation,
kidneys and regulation mode gastrointestinal tract. And only after that put the program on allergies: overall program for Allergies and hay fever program.

Allergy to Fungi

Allergy to Fungi - a reaction to the toxins accumulated in the body, overreaction to everything that enters the body and its immune system thinks it is dangerous.

Are general cleaning program: blood circulation, liver cleansing, kidney, gastrointestinal regulation, stabilization of the immune system, goiter plus program Allergy to fungi - Aflatoxin and general program on allergies.
This scheme can be treated with all allergies.

Allergic to the sun, the Type of Urticaria.

All that has been said above about the detoxification can help in this case. Because allergic to the sun, to the ultraviolet rays do not just arise. Most likely, it is the accumulation of toxins, which led just here to such perverse reaction to the sun. Therefore, all programs to clean and allergy program.