• Posted on: 19 January 2015
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Branch of medicine and the unique specialty that join medical and surgery specialties. It deals with diseases and disorders of the skin and its appendages.

Can warts be reduced?

Yes, it is possible to reduce warts. This papilloma virus. But then joins and many other infections. For example, a young man of 13 years began to treat warts simply helminthiasis. After completing the course of a dozen warts helminthiasis was only one. Therefore, we must start with a cleansing of the body. Plus - Human Papilloma Virus.

Vitiligo - what programs are used for treatment?

You need to consistently pursue a cleansing of the body - blood circulation, regulation of renal Deep Cleaning, Regulation gastrointestinal tract, skin.
You should always carry out layer by layer removal of parasites: first worming, then protozoa, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Taken with caution, as they may be peaking. The basic program - on the skin.

The program Vitiligo is used for white spots on the skin, detoxification (general cleansing of the body) & the skin program.


What program are recommended for Dermatitis?

All serious skin problems. Almost every skin disease associated with high levels of slagging. When the excretory organs - kidneys, liver and digestive tract do not work, toxins begin to stand out through the skin. It should be a comprehensive examination. If you look aurometry, in this case, almost all of the digestive organs usually affected. And these bodies need to help our programs. The second group of programs will have on those or other parasites detected.

Also skin problems associated with psycho-emotional state. Therefore, we need a comprehensive approach. This also applies to dermatitis, and psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

Seborrheic dermatitis. What programs are available?

There are programs for DETA-AP - Ringworm. Still need a program for fungi - Malaseziya and Detoxification governing program for the skin. In dermatology has a set of programs for the skin.

How to help in atopic dermatitis?

Everything connected with the skin - is the fourth stage of the disease. There is obligatory cleaning, programs related to parasites, programs related to the digestive tract, as most affected in this case, the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Atopic dermatitis, dyskinesia, allergic to sweet, giardia, goiter and weeping eczema in question. What programs are recommended?

Here it is necessary to use several programs. The fact that atopic dermatitis - a consequence of giardiasis and emerged with him dysbiosis. Therefore, the program Giardiasis (1 every 3 days) exhibit during the month, the program Dysbacteriosis, Detoxification for the child to DETA-AP and then DETA-Ritm put the program GI Regulation, goiter, allergies, dermatitis. If weeping eczema is confirmed, exhibiting the same name of the program category Dermatology.

Urticaria, allergic dermatitis.