The Deta-UDT is an innovative therapy device that combines the Deta Ritm and the Deta Cosmo in just one device. Incorporating three levels of healing in one device:

1: Treatment with electro-acupuncture

2: Treatment with electromagnetic therapy

3: Treatment with quantum healing

Because the Deta-UDT uses a special antenna which enables therapy to be applied to the whole body, it is not so portable as the Deta Ritm and the Deta Cosmo devices and is more suited for the health practitioner to have in their office or clinic for treating patients, but can also be for home use to treat the whole family. The Deta-UDT is capable of treating up to 443 health conditions using specific program frequencies and it is possible to combine many of these frequencies into separate programs that can run automatically, therefore saving time during treatment. The Deta UDT cannot be programmed as can the Deta AP and the Deta RITM using the Therapy 8.0 USB stick.

List price: $950.00