DeVita Cosmo


DeVita Cosmo is the first device of a purely cosmetological purpose in the DeVita product range. The company was able to implement a fundamentally new approach to the issue of wrinkles’ removal and the maintenance of healthy and young-looking skin.

The DeVita Cosmo device accumulates the unique technology that knows no equals in the world. The core of this unparalleled approach is that the constant cosmetic effect is achieved due to the action of the quantum and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Unlike most cosmetic products of chemical nature that temporarily eliminate only external defects, DeVita Cosmo affects deeper skin layers, first and foremost making your skin healthy.

Benefits of DeVita Cosmo: • Smoothing of wrinkles • Non-surgical facelift • Getting rid of blackheads and pimples • Restoration of skin protective functions, normalization of metabolic processes, complexion improvement • As a result of the regular use of the device your skin becomes smoother, firmer and suppler.

The list of the programs:
1. Wrinkles removal;
2. Face lifting;
3. Regulation of the female endocrine system;
4. Regulation of the male endocrine system;
5. Improvement of liver function;
6. Stimulation of the Nervous System;
7. Regulation of the stomach;
8. Regulation of digestion system;
9. Getting rid of constipation;
10. Stimulation of the kidneys;
11. The normalization of the thyroid gland;
12. Cardiovascular system regulation;
13. The operation of the spleen improvement;
14. Pancreas and healthy skin;
15. Vision correction.

List price: $800.00