DeVita Energy


The DeVita Energy device is a revolutionary innovative creation which promptly relieves fatigue, improves the performance of all body systems and gives you a powerful boost of pure energy.

DeVita Energy is a unique device that will protect you from fatigue, sleepiness, bad mood and other daily inconveniences chasing any modern person. The problem of exhaustion and poor health is especially acute for urban residents. It generates not only from stress and environmental problems, but also from those biopathogenic fields (computers, smartphones, electrical appliances) that surround us.

The DeVita Energy device irradiates harmonious electromagnetic frequencies that normalize bioenergetic indicators, activate the regulatory functions of the body that are based on the resonance phenomena, and protect against bio- and geo-pathogenic factors. The properly designed electromagnetic-effect program restores and enhances physiological conditions, relieves emotional stress, charges with energy, brings good mood and makes a person feel healthy. The easy-to-use, small and stylishly designed DeVita Energy device will naturally fit into your life.

List price: $375.00