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Branch of science that deals with the structure, functioning and diseases of the nervous system.

Do positive results for the treatment of hemiparesis with a long duration after a stroke?

The use of electromagnetic therapy devices are very effective in the rehabilitation of neurological patients after stroke. Program for hemiparesis can be found in the category or categories of Neurology Acupuncture (two programs hemiparesis). However, this problem should be solved on the background of common neurological (core) and support programs.

Please keep in mind that the necessary accompanying programs - Kidney mode, the program Deep Cleaning.

When this issue should be selected such regimen to all programmed in the device programs available in this case the problem led to the recovery of man. Therefore, in this case, be used as the common program and a specific program for the symptoms.

The results are, but long enough to work with such patients. When properly selected treatment a positive result can be obtained. The earlier treatment is started, the faster the consequences of stroke. 

In hemiparesis need to spend on each program once a day for a total of 10 programs, and these programs should be carried out on a daily basis to achieve the desired effect.

Is there any programs available for hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus - a disease which is caused by the accumulation of excess fluid in the brain, and it is most often congenital disorder in children.

There may be a few options: the problem may be related to liquorodynamics or circulation of the brain.

It is necessary to use several programs: Intracranial pressure, kidneys, Circulation mode, liquorodynamics, nerve problems 1, 2, Deep Cleaning and Anti-stress. Be sure to drain because Hydrocephalus occurs in compression of the brain. If this is not an anatomical problem, treatment programs should work. From experience, patients with this problem very quickly and positively respond to therapy devices.

For a child exhibiting the treatment for 3 minutes, and adults - 5 minutes frequency.

Child 4 years, hydrocephalus, underwent surgery to implant a shunt. How can I help?

You can set the program Integrated circulation, then Circulation head liquorodynamics program, mandatory program Deep cleaning and kidneys.

These programs are all required because of surgery. Should be set as a mandatory program for at least two weeks Injuries, rehabilitation, then the program General nerve problems 1, 2.

Partial headaches, mostly with excitement.

For vascular spasm - use the program on blood circulation Circulation + head and program spasms of various origins. Anti-stress program should be regularly applied for the night.

Intracranial pressure. Are there any recommended programs?

When intracranial pressure need to find out the cause of this pressure than it is due: either it vasospasm, or violation of the venous outflow, which is often associated with a spasm of the neck muscles. Of course, the program Regulation of blood circulation and blood circulation of the head can improve in this situation need to consult a chiropractor on the spine or a neurologist. After determination of the cause of the disease is necessary to expose the necessary programs.

Intracranial pressure after trauma - a linear skull fracture, cerebral edema, concussion. Are there any recommended programs?

Program in neurology: circulatory, nervous problems, in this case, even injuries, rehabilitation, kidneys, liver, deep cleaning. That after injury 3 years passed without any difference. It is necessary to carry out the program and the general circulation of the blood circulation of the blood of the head.

Are there any recommended programs for Dystonia?

This problem is most often associated only with the human factor, so the IRR is very well treated in our Life Card. It should be placed in the 7th cervical vertebra. It is also necessary to take a picture of the cervical spine and set of programs to improve the blood circulation of the head.

When vascular dystonia can use the program are the same as for a conventional cleansing the body. And be sure to find out the reason. Why is violated in the autonomic nervous system? The cause may be different viral diseases, the same herpes group that just can cause dysregulation of this function.

Is there a program for muscular dystrophy?

Yes, the Muscular dystrophy program is availble in the Therapy-8.0 listed under neurology.

What to do with cerebral palsy?

The disease is very serious. We already have programs in Therapy-8.0 on muscle spasticity, as they help until you cannot be certain of improvements. These programs can be used to improve the human condition, and that we are already seeing.

Unfortunately, the ICP instrument therapies are used infrequently. It is possible to normalize the blood circulation of the head in the first place. And restore the function of the neural system - Nerve problems 1, 2, antispasmodic program.

There are positive results, our partners from Ukraine sent reviews, programs are under rehabilitation.

Frequent stops breathing during sleep in an adult. Is there a treatment?

There has not been any reports regarding Sleep Apnea. Start with common neurological programs (total + Circulation Circulation head, General nerve problems 1 and 2, the nerve structure and reinforcement) and be sure to detoxification.