Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Posted on: 19 January 2015
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The field of medicine devoted to conditions specific to women.


Treatment Adnexitis - an inflammatory disease of the appendages - to start with the use of antiparasitic device main task - to remove from the body infection including STD's.

Is there a program for the continuation of pregnancy at risk?

No such programs, and, moreover, is not recommended to conduct electromagnetic therapy during pregnancy.


Can I use the devices during pregnancy to term of 2 or 3 months?

In pregnancy, the mother's body coexists with other organisms, so that something can only be used if pregnant severely ill and other proposed treatments are toxic or dangerous to the fetus.

After extensive testing of Deta devices in the clinic Nizhny Novgorod Academy in the summer of 2009 were lifted restrictions on their use during pregnancy and age criteria. Restriction children up to 4 years were also removed.
Currently approved for use as anti-parasitic devices in pregnant women from the first to the last month of pregnancy and in children with a birth, since our treatment device has been found not to cause absolutely no side effects.

Please note that if a pregnant woman is sick, she prescribed medication. Deta products work the same way as drug therapy, but also without any side effects. However, in the first 3 months of pregnancy it can be done only in exceptional cases, when a woman is sick.

Pregnant women are advised to use our maps Life Protect. They both preventive devices work, and improve the condition of the pregnant woman and the child.

How to treat female infertility?

Female infertility is treated infection programs, sexually transmitted, there is a section Gynecology different programs for gynecological diseases, which can cause infertility (dysmenorrhea, for example). Also for women exhibiting program ovaries, and for men - testes to regulate the formation of germ cells in them.

There are programs for cytomegalovirus and Epstein - Barr virus. These infections and prevent the onset of pregnancy lead to miscarriage, so these two programs are necessarily used in preparation for pregnancy.

Which device helps with infertility?

The main reason for infertility - infection, so need Deta AP antiparasitic device.

Primary infertility. What programs exist?

On primary infertility - especially programs infections and sexually transmitted and candidiasis.
Many infections are transmitted more from mother to fetus during birth and appear only at puberty and later pain, infertility or adhesive process. Therefore, use the infections, sexually transmitted infections, which include ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomonas, Gardnerella vaginalis, genital herpes virus and human papilloma virus. Candidiasis Plus program - mandatory program for thrush.

Male infertility. What programs can help?

The first step is to make an accurate diagnosis. What causes male infertility? To address this question it is necessary to diagnose major infections. It is necessary to conduct a study on the various toxic load that a person has - or a radioactive load, or heavy metals.

There is a program for the removal of heavy metals in the detox. You also need to put the program eggs, Regulation of male urogenital system, circulatory system. In addition, we need to see if there was an autoimmune disease, and if there is, too, to carry out treatment.

Which programs to apply for bacterial vaginosis?

All the answers to the questions that you ask for gynecology, usually associated with the need for a survey of urogenital infections. Identify it and use the programs that are in the instruments to deal with the infection. Most often from bacteria in the vagina identify Gardnerella vaginalis, Chlamydia and Escherichia coli.