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Dealing with disorders and surgery of the visual pathways closely related to anatomy, physiology of the eye.

Astigmatism. Can it be treated?

There are programs for astigmatism (view) that can be applied using Deta devices:

  • Astigmatism
  • Degeneration of the corpus luteum and the sharpness of vision
  • Visual fatigue
  • Visual acuity

Myopia and astigmatism. Is there a program for treatment?

There are programs and short-sightedness, and astigmatism. Do not forget the eye - liver function. Therefore, we need programs liver, blood circulation. The program Myopia, hyperopia - the same frequency. Plus Program eye muscles.

You can conduct therapy for a month, and should be an improvement. If not - change the program. The program works only in one case - if they fit.

Please be sure to utilize the liver program for all eye problems. Because first of all to intoxication, which occurs in the body react eyes. And quite often the situation when in hepatitis develops blurred vision.

What programs are put in nearsightedness?

Programs for nearsightedness exist in DETA-Ritm, and DETA-AP, the program further eye fatigue. There is a comprehensive program of Vision - 5 treatment programs in Therapy 8.0; if you put them in full, you will help your vision. Treatment also depends on the degree of myopia.

Ophthalmologist inspection of floating in the vitreous haze. The doctor said that it indicates the presence of helminths in the eyes.

Put the Therapy 8.0 program for Worms (total) Helminths blood plasma Worms.

The eye, retina - which sequence of treatment?

Cleaning program: Deep cleaning, circulation, kidneys, GI Regulation. Anti-stress program and then - Retin-A, ie that are in the program Ophthalmology.

Are there programs to treat glaucoma?

At DETA-AP program must be programmed Glaucoma. In Therapy-13 has a huge section on ophthalmology. At DETA-Ritm put mainly cleaning program. Here the most important thing is not to forget about programs such as the liver, kidneys, blood circulation.

Is it possible to improve vision or macular degeneration using Deta device?

Works very well in ophthalmology programs antiparasitic device. There are 3 programs: Hyperopia, Sharpness of vision, visual acuity - are exhibited in a row. You can use these programs to restore vision. Also requires cleaning program.

Should I place the unit near the eyes?

Yes, it is desirable to keep near the eye. This program is best used at night when you're lying on the couch and watch TV. Then you can put the device on the pillow next to calm and carry out this program.

If you start treatment on sight, is there is a limit to the load on the eyes?

Absolutely no load restrictions, moreover, it is necessary to carry out exercises for the eyes, the eyes need to train there. Also, what do you do a program that improves blood circulation, regenerative capacity of your eye, improves muscle, improves trophic eyes, you should still make an effort to strengthen the muscles of the eye. Be sure to do the exercises.

For macular degeneration, The main reasons: 1) lack of circulation, 2) the accumulation of toxins, 3) reduction of energy capacity.

There are programs 'Degeneration of yellow body and visual acuity' in addition to standard cleaning programs.

The device DETA-Ritm program for the regulation of blood circulation, deep cleaning. The older the person, the longer of treatment.


Are there programs for Cataracts?

Therapy 8.0 includes programs for Cataracts that should be used daily. Be sure to carry out general cleaning program in parallel with the treatment of cataracts.


Treatment of retina.

Theraoy 8.0 offers programs for circulation and regeneration structures of the eye. Since vision is always associated with the liver, it is necessary to improve the function of the liver, to conduct a cleansing program (deep cleaning) program detachment fiber.

Dysplasia of the optic nerve secondary strabismus of the right eye.

First of all, you need to restore the blood supply and innervation. In Therapy-8.0 well chosen program to restore the nerves, muscles. There have been positive results in childen with strabismus in a relatively short period of time.