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Pediatrics deals with the health care of children to adolescents´ average to 18 years old.

Child Diathesis including Giardia, Trichomonas, Amoeba, Klebsiella

Program for diathesis can not put. First you need to treat infections: giardia - 1 time in 3 days, trichomonas - daily, amoeba - 1 time in 3 days, klepsiella - every day, and so within two weeks. And be sure to clean up all the programs: Deep cleaning, Regulation gastrointestinal tract, goiter, allergies. And while antiparasitic device does not remove the infection, diathesis will not pass!

Child allergies What are the recommended programs?

It's about two year old, then you should start with programs and Dysbacteriosis Helminthiases. Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas are very important. Of course, programs purification - kidney, liver, circulatory system.

A child 11 months ia allergic to breast milk. Are there any recommended programs?

Rather difficult situation, but devices can help. Need Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, regulation of the function of the pancreas, Deep Cleaning, kidneys, and try to put the program Dysbacteriosis. As is neperevarivanie milk is formed in the gastrointestinal tract, of course, an excess amount of bacteria.


Obstructive bronchitis in a child 3 years.

It is necessary to find out the reason - identified by sputum pathogen (candida, mycoplasma can be aureus), treated for worms and dysbiosis. Conduct detoxification device DETA-Ritm.

Granddaughter of 8 years. Put the program "Worms". The next day, frequent stools, discomfort in the liver, stomach. Nospanum relieves pain. Is this normal?

This toxicity, which may manifest itself in different pain in the gastrointestinal tract. Program: Regulation and gastrointestinal spasms of various origins quite well remove all these states.

Baby 9 months, low hemoglobin. What programs are put? What are the recommended programs?

The child should be surveyed to determine why a low hemoglobin. Find out if there are any problems with the spleen, liver (do ultrasound), and then we can recommend something.

Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in a child. Any recommendations?

The program can be supplied, but if diabetes requires insulin, one can hardly help, but you can try. This mandatory program for diabetes in a complex program and circulation, kidneys, vision, Pancreas control frequency, simply program the pancreas in diabetes.

1 year child how to get rid of the diathesis and which program to use?

In this case, start with dysbiosis, cleanse the body and normalize the function of the pancreas. Find who the culprit dysbiosis - candida, a mutant E. coli - and set this program. As a child a year, worming sure yet, so look pancreas and all the programs to cleanse.


Child cough, which is necessary program to use in the device DETA-Ritm?

At DETA-Ritm child has a program cough reflex, put Airway and nose, frequency control, very good for children This program is suitable. If there is inflammation - Inflammation of 1, 2, and we recommend to put this child worming program because the cough can be caused by even ascariasis.

Child 1.5 year old. 16 teeth, of which 7 with caries. What to do?

This is a strep infection, and it is necessary to treat.

Child 2.5 years, Giardia, Trichomonas, amoeba, Klebsiella, diathesis.

Program for diathesis can not put. First treat infections: Giardia - 1 time in 3 days, Trichomonas - daily, Amoeba - 1 time in 3 days, Klebsiella - every day, and so within two weeks. And always with a cleaning program on the device Ritm (programmed for 3 min): Deep cleaning, Regulation gastrointestinal tract, goiter, allergies. While antiparasitic device does not remove the infection, diathesis will not pass!

Child of 7 years. The diagnosis of "congenital torticollis." Can I help her, without resorting to surgery?

There are two points. Firstly, it is necessary to establish the degree of torticollis. Secondly, be sure to massage. In antiparasitic 13 software instrument have programs for the muscles, including the neck. You can use any method - that acupuncture and massage, and devices as well.

The child 3 years giardia. How many sessions ahould be used for Giardia?

Giardia enough for 5 sessions, but giardiasis in this case for a child of 3 years will be quite toxic. The fact that a child of that age can not yet assess his condition, and parents should immediately prepare for the fact that there may be pain in the right upper quadrant, which will complain child. May experience nausea or abdominal pain.

Such a child needs to spend 5 sessions over 2 days on the third. In this case, the child will be compensated fairly, toxins have time to go for these days from the body. And be sure to give your child plenty of water. Also needed is a child during dieting, i.e. not to give him some annoying nutrients, so as not to cause gallbladder contraction and more pain.

A child 5 months bacterial meningitis with treatment of drugs. Can the child become back to normal after antibiotic treatment and disease?

The child in the body, most likely, candidiasis after antibiotics, plus E. coli, which is under the influence of antibiotics mutated. Therefore, Candidiasis and Escherichia coli mutant expose several times. In some programs, "Escherichia coli" is written in Russian, and some say "Escherichia Coley" - this is the same thing. First of all these programs exhibit. And cleaning program liver, kidneys. Several times a day, you can put Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, Deep Cleaning, Circulation. This mandatory program.

Child 8 years showing increase in the adrenal gland.

Put the program regulation of the endocrine system, the adrenal glands, the adrenal Increase for one month.

The child has a thick runny nose, put "Adenovirus", "Staphylococcus aureus", "Strep"

Use the mycoplasma program, antiseptics 1, 2, 3, 4, Candida

Obesity. Girl 7 years. Weighs 35 kg. Is it possible to treat, and what programs?

Put the program on obesity. The complex works very well. Put Adenovirus-36 - it is also of great importance in this case. We must, of course, to identify the cause of obesity. Most likely, this is due to a violation in the activity of hormones. Hormonal disorders should be treated from 21:00 to 23:00. Start with proper nutrition, include cleaning mode and pay attention to its physical activity.

The child 1.5 years with pyelonephritis. Any recommendations?

First, determine what is an infection - staphylococcal or streptococcal. Put Stafillo-, streptoflora. If he's still in diapers, be sure to put the E. coli because it may just be a skid infection of the diaper with feces.

For the two-year child can use the same program and same way as for an adult?

Antiparasitic device has no effect on the person, it acts only on the parasite! Since the number of seconds that must be reduced or those who are older or those under!

A child from birth to 4 years hypofunction of the parathyroid glands,

The device can be used with the first birthday and, of course, no overdose will not. When hypofunction of the parathyroid glands is necessary to use the program regulation of the endocrine system. There is also a program of the parathyroid gland.

A girl 2.5 years old very timid!

There are programs phobia, fear, stress. And be sure to double before the day and night before going to bed, put the program Antistress.

] The child has severe sweating, skin irritation.

If your child has severe sweating, then it most likely dystonia or is one way of removing toxins. Therefore the program: kidneys, liver and lymph. That is lymph, usually begins to emerge through the skin. Therefore, all programs for detoxification and vascular dystonia. And be sure to program the circulation. Examine the child specialist - sweating can be a sign of internal diseases.

Child 4 months old, sick cytomegalovirus. How long does it work?

Herpes virus group for 10-14 days usually well cured our antiparasitic device.

What programs are recommend for enuresis?

Nocturnal enuresis in children is usually associated with problems in the sacrococcygeal spine. So after checking the child from a chiropractor or neurologist should include a program on the spine and on the regulation of the sphincter of the bladder. There is such a program neurogenic bladder. This problem just associated with innervation of the sphincter of the bladder.

It would be good also to show the child to urologist to see the function of the bladder and then put the program on the device.

You will need to clean the exposure programs, the kidneys and the programs associated with urogenital pathology.

For enuresis treatment strategy is the same as for all nervous diseases. If you have questions on any nerve problems - strokes, head injuries, enuresis, epilepsy - everything that is connected with the head, write, please, the program: General nerve problems 1 and 2, the nerve structure, strengthening, general blood circulation, blood circulation of the head, you can put local blood circulation, kidneys mode, the mode Deep Cleaning. And after that you need to put the program Enuresis, Urinary bladder. At night and needed program Antistress.