Therapy 8.0


Therapy 8.0 is a wellness programming tool for DeVita series devices which allows the user to create combinations which will ideally correspond to your needs. The device is easy to use and doesn't require any special skills or knowledge.

Therapy 8.0 independently recognizes units connected to it, shows his picture and the type and connect it to an available database.

Therapy 8.0 contains two database programs:
- For now existing devices - 1600 programs for «DETA-Ritm» and 1100 programs for «DETA-AP»;
- For the new generation of devices - 1600 programs for «DETA-Ritm» and 1540 programs for «DETA-AP».

Therapy 8.0 has a very strong system of data protection - 2 265 degrees. This allows us to update the program and database via the Internet.

Therapy 8.0 allows you to create any number of systems (user programs) for devices DETA-Ritm.

Therapy 8.0 allows you to store data and medical history of the patients in the archive.

The user of DeVita series wellness devices can use pre-existing combinations, or create them independently, depending on their own requirements. Therefore, special measures were taken for this purpose: the programming software of «DeInfo» includes about 3,000 programs and is available in five European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian.

To maximize simplicity of usage: it doesn't demand any self-installation or setting up. Artificial intelligence software independently recognizes the connected DeVita device, displays its image and type, and connects itself to an available database. All that you need to do is simply insert a flash drive into the USB port and then you can return to work at once! In addition, Therapy 8.0 is constantly updated and has an extremely high level of information security.

List price: $350.00