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The science dealing with the study of viruses and the diseases caused by them.

What are the treatment program 12-year-old diagnosed with chickenpox?

If the child is sick with chickenpox, they can catch it at any age. To not recover from this disease in childhood can very difficult if carried it into adulthood.

After an illness arises strong immunity. It is not necessary to disrupt the formation of natural immunity. Application of the treatment program is permissible atypical course of the disease. The program called for the treatment of herpes zoster.

Can Deta Device help with the HIV (AIDS)?

If AIDS in remission, it is of course possible. You have to support those bodies who suffer AIDS - is the liver, intestines, stomach, organs of the immune system. Diagnose and treatment of opportunistic flora - viruses, fungi, bacteria. AIDS as monoinfection does not happen!

Gemolitikus, Polipovirus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

Streptococcus gemolitikus - hemolytic streptococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Pseudomonas. When purulent infection exhibited 3-4 times a day until symptoms disappear plus two days. And drainage.
Polipovirus - Human papillomavirus, daily for a month once a day.

How long is treatment for hepatitis B?

There is a program on hepatitis B accompanied with integrated programs. This is the basic program for hepatitis.

Treatment takes place from 1 to 3 months. Different people naturally treatment proceeds differently. It all depends on the strength of the immune system and the infection that accompanies the disease. Typically, a viral infection, especially herpes group prevents the treatment of hepatitis B and C. Therefore, use more additional programs for other types of viral infections. In this case, the results are fast enough.

For the treatment of hepatitis C, should both Deta AP and Deta RITM be used for treatment?

Yes, the use of both instruments are clearly effective in treating Hepatitis C.  The antiparasitic device (Deta AP) will eliminate the hepatitis C virus, and the therapeutic device (Deta RITM) - restores liver tissue.

Hepatitis C and HIV infections. What programs can I help?

We do not treat HIV. Treat hepatitis C programs: Hepatitis C1 - C4 Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C base, Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis general, secondary Hepatitis, Hepatitis inflammation of the liver - all programs are set one every 3 days during the month. Then should conduct PCR diagnosis and, if necessary, continue treatment until they are cured. Also, it may be useful exposure programs Cytomegalovirus and Epstein - Barr virus. If the body has these viruses, be sure to pay attention to their detection and removal. Drainage and detoxification programs are needed.

Are there any contraindications for the treatment of hepatitis C during pregnancy?

To provide treatment during pregnancy is not advised. When a child is born, take the device and start treatment.

Viral hepatitis C treatment

The first week of treatment due to the fragmentation of viruses in the PCR diagnostics number of viruses may be more. This is a good sign - the destruction of viruses, ie is the healing process. Program should be carried out 1 every 3 days at least a month, and then make a check analysis. Treatment should be combined with antiviral programs (Epstein - Barr virus, if present), plus all programs for hepatitis and cleaning program.

Diagnosed with both Hepatitis B and C

Everything must be programmed programs on hepatitis B and C. All programs are set 1 every 3 days for a period of not less than three months and must be accompanied by drainage programs. Control of quantitative analysis for hepatitis and control Ig G.

How to treat herpes?

If known serotype simplex virus (simplex), then place the first program herpes total, and then the program you need depending on the type of virus. If you do not know exactly what your serotype is, you put all the programs (there are 8) which have to herpes simplex virus. Daily use for a week 2-3 times a day for an acute condition and once a day for hidden during normal can cope with the infection.

Is it possible to carry out an impact on herpes, which appears multiple times with prolonged deworming?

Recommendations that we have proposed for the phases of treatment, moving from the destruction of large to small parasites, had the sense that most worms and various types of microorganisms are associated together and do not allow viruses to withdraw from the body. Against the background of deworming occur as the release of toxins, reduces immunity. The next step will be the treatment of herpes, and it will not be shown.

Which programs are applies to Ophthalmic herpes?

Ophthalmic herpes is most often the first type of herpes virus simplex. Therefore expose all programs herpes, what are herpes simplex on. And the therapy to get the result. Include the need to frequently - several times a day.

After a few sessions in using the "Herpes" programs, a herpes sore manifested on the lips. What to do next?

It is necessary to stimulate the immune system, as there are 8 different serotypes alone herpes simplex virus, and if one of them does not work, then you have 'teased' him. Hulda Clark says: "If you tease microorganisms, they begin to spread faster." Therefore, it is best just after the acute manifestations of the disease to use programs of all serotypes of herpes simplex. Programs need to use everything 2-3 times a day, and you must put the program on stimulation of immunity.

When using the device DETA-AP on the skin appeared herpes and now the patient is afraid to use the device. What to do?

No need to mock infection - it must be excreted. If the herpes appeared on the skin, so it is inside. The device does not introduce a virus into the body, and helps to withdraw virus. Only the full course of treatment will completely get rid of the infection.